About Cammie

Cammie’s Story, so far...

I started coaching naturally in high school.  I was constantly approached for my advice or thoughts when someone had a personal dilemma or problem. I was a wall flower that seemed to be trustworthy with everyone’s most intimate issues.

I didn’t really feel I fit in with any one group and enjoyed keeping to myself do what I loved to do most, writing and riding horses.  My love for horses started at the age of 4 and that was where I felt my most comfortable, in the company of these all-knowing beings. In my mid twenties I gave up competing in the show ring and became a focused equestrian horse trainer and riding coach into my 30’s. There was a short break from the horses when I was forced to take a business major at university and for my own pleasure I minored in psychology.  I found a real talent for both. Schooling paid off and I was lucky to have had great managerial and leadership positions in various businesses. My career path progressed and I found myself in real estate in my late 30’s and became a top selling agent.  It was during this time I was asked by Keller Williams Head Office in Texas to train as a productivity coach and help other real estate agents meet their potential in this field.  I had already done many courses with Tony Robbins and other leaders that specialized in personal development. Put it all together and that is how I got on the path to becoming a professional personal growth coach and loving it to this day.

I took the leap of faith and followed my heart and opened my own coaching practice in 2012 while I was still an active real estate agent and productivity coach for Keller Williams.  As my years of experience grew so did the encouragement of those asking for my coaching services outside of real estate. 

I branched out into Business Coaching and Leadership Coaching with the John Maxwell team in 2013 and then became a professional Life Coach with the Certified Coaching Federation in Canada in 2016. I left the real estate business in 2017, after 12 successful years, and dedicated and devoted myself to my true calling as a spiritual life coach who specialized in personal and spiritual development and self-transformation.

In partnership with the professional skills and knowledge I hold, my personal experiences have made me an expert in serving others too.  I am an ACoA (Adult Child of Alcoholics).  I completed a 12-step Co-dependence program for ACoA in 1990 that helped me work on re-programming my damaged belief system due to my conditioned and dysfunctional upbringing. It was in 1989, when a life-threatening marriage made me seek the changes I needed to save myself and break free from the old programming and unhealthy habits caused by my past.  I have been committed ever since to personal development, self-mastery and spiritual wellbeing.  

My existence may have been a bad soap opera for the first half of this lifetime but all along I was being guided to help myself so I could later help others.  My experiences only had me enhance my empathic heart, intuitive insight and understanding of what it means to freely be your true authentic self. It has all helped me relate with others and build trusting relationships.  I can honestly say I’ve “done that and written the postcard” for far too many life challenges. I am thankful every day for the life I have been gifted because it has led me here, to help others and you.

I feel most at home in nature and with animals.  I hold spirituality close to my heart, not as any religion, but to further evolve my spirit and work on achieving my soul’s purpose.  My mystical side, once shut down in childhood, couldn’t stay dormant and my re-awakening to my truth and divine gifts emerged with force in my early 40’s.  Doing my many master energy healing certifications opened me up to a whole new and clear channel to my medium/psychic powers and had me realize that I was a natural diviner (receiver of spirit messages) and a meditative manifestor. 

Born a high intuitive and empath, I combine my professional skills, practical tools, spiritual connections, personal experiences with the natural divine gifts I embrace to help people find their truth and live it.  This makes for a very unique and very successful process for others to help themselves discover their truest potentiality and live by design and not by default. 

I don’t believe in titles or living by definitions yet for the human mind to understand I will say this about myself, I care and I AM love.  I show my care and love through coaching, teaching and my written words. I offer self-leadership coaching and spiritual teachings that get positive, life-changing results. I am an expert in transformation and self-mastery that works to create optimal well-being for my clients.

Currently I am wrapping my head around doing more online coaching, workshops and courses. Technology is a limiting obstacle that I am overcoming and soon I’ll have some amazing tools for you at a click of a button. I am also having so much fun writing a series of guide books that I promise can help you achieve greater self-empowerment.  Watch for the books in the Spiritually Speaking…. series on Amazon.  These are four self-coaching workbooks that will heal, improve and bring happiness to your Spirit.  Plus, you can catch me on the Gaia Network in the movie, Becoming the Keys, with some of Oprah’s favorite thought-leaders and spiritual gurus, where I was asked to be a coaching expert on how to live life passionately.

I hope that knowing a bit more about me has begun our relationship and helps you to take a step towards working with me as your coach or spiritual earth guide either one/one, at my live workshops and courses or through my books and online material. If I can become the thriving hero of my crazy life I know in my heart that you can be the shining star of your life!

Hugs and harmony,

Cammie ❤