Helping you to truly understand yourself by embarking on a journey of self-awakening and self-improvement.

Coaching & Spiritual Guidance


Coaching helps people to create changes that will lead to the results they desire. It utilizes the transformational power of conversation, powerful questions, active listening, discovery, and goal-setting to clarify and align with what the client wants to attain.  Life coaching can address all areas of a person’s life.  It offers a person a safe and welcoming space to be open and learn how to help themselves while having the support to take the steps towards living their best life.

Coaching is about coming along beside someone and being present with them as they work on making the changes they want and need to do to improve themselves and their life.

The coaching journey is a fabulous experience.  The client receives the awareness, tools and support to move forward in life with greater ease to thrive while the coach gets the honour and pleasure to watch their client evolve and succeed in making their desires transpire from being a dream to reality.

Coaching is all about being better together.

Spiritual Life Guidance

Spiritual life guidance is a form of mentorship and teachings that integrates a spiritual element to the traditional coaching relationship. We all desire to know our purpose, who we were created to be and what we are created to do.  Spiritual direction helps the client to find inner happiness, peace and harmony leading to successful fulfillment of the plans and purposes for which they were divinely designed to be and do.

Spiritual life guidance is not attached to any religion. It is about connecting to your own spirit within and how your soul is connected to a benevolent Source within the collective while being supported on your journey to finding your own sense of wholeness.

Why Choose Cammie as your Coach and Mentor?

Measurable outcomes

  • Your coaching progress is charted starting with your first introductory session and through your selected coaching program. This ensures that the client is achieving consistent and valuable growth to meet their objectives from the coaching.

Coaching Solutions

  • All coaching packages are flexible and adapt to the changing needs of the client. Cammie has strategies, tools and inner knowing to help most of her clients needs.  If she feels she can’t help she will let the client know with honesty for the client’s highest good and for the integrity to her practices.

Added Value

  • Cammie goes the extra mile with every client, class, workshop and book she presents to others. Her goal and commitment are to offer the highest value possible and that each person receives more than what they expected when working with Cammie.


  • Cammie has a magic about her. She sees beyond the person and into the soul which helps to unlock true potential in all her clients. She is globally certified and recognized within her work circles as someone you can trust and who consistently improves the lives of those who work with her.

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