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My Book "What is the Higher Self?" is now on Amazon!

What is the Higher Self? is a self-guided book to coach you to work from a higher aspect of yourself that will deliver many outstanding and magical results in your life. For most people we all want to show up in the world as our best self yet, at some point, we may question who we truly are and why we are here and are we really being our best self? When you are in connection with your Higher Self, your truest essence, you can then identify and work to be your most authentic self. When we live from authenticity magic happens and life is easier. Being connected to your true nature, your life falls into harmonious alignment with ease on every level. This book will bring you higher awareness that will open the channel to your Higher Self and show you how to work more consciously from this state in both heart and mind.

As you become more in tune with your Higher Self you will experience a place of calm, serenity, trust and faith within you which gives you the freedom to be the full expression of yourself without doubt or fear. Discovering your Higher Self and working through this state of Being allows change to happen with conscious understanding, comfort and confidence, creating positive improvements and well-being in your life.

This book of guidance is based on decades of proven techniques and results to create a richer existence with more harmony and peace in your life. When you understand how you are connected to a higher spirit within yourself, your Higher Self, and see the advantages and the power you can achieve by working as your true self you will initiate and generate better health, relationships, and prosperity. Struggles will become less challenging or non-existent and you will live life with ease and flow from a place of higher awareness and love.

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